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Good Price, Good Quality, Good Delivery
24 December 2021  |  Steve

Shopped around and found the Friendly Travel Soap at the best price online and managed to avoid using 'That Company'

Fast delivery, very impressed
05 December 2021  |  Lyndsey

The item was delivered super fast and wrapped in eco friendly packaging. Very happy with purchase and service. Will definitely shop here again.

Plastic-free Christmas
28 November 2021  |  Adrian

Very happy with our assortment of plastic-free washing-up related items which arrived promptly and which we look forward to using. We ordered extra for surprise Christmas presents for the family. Sounds a bit mundane but we think they'll be pleasantly surprised!

I used one stick for the past 2 years, this is my second one, it neutralises odours, I won't use anything else.
27 November 2021  |  Rachel


They last ages
30 October 2021  |  Joy

Would highly recommend getting this brush and then replacement heads which are excellent value

Clean and green
09 October 2021  |  Joanne

Delighted to have one of these in natural materials. It does a great job of getting rid of heavy condensation on the kitchen window, and also keeps the window clear of slash marks from the sink.

14 September 2021  |  Katherine

This is a lovely lip balm. It smells subtly minty, isnít overly oily but it does leave your lips feeling smooth and moisturised. I love that its completely natural ingredients.

Great cloths with no waste
06 September 2021  |  Nicola

Iíve been using these cloths for some time now and I love them. I pop them in the washing machine and they go on and on until they finally go in the compost bin. Thereís no waste either from the cloth or the great packaging from Boobalou, I love the fact that they use recycled boxes and that thereís no plastic involved, a big tick as far as Iím concerned.

Last ages
29 July 2021  |  Cara

I really love these, mine have lasted years, don't sit there getting mouldy like scouring sponges and are gentle on all pans, particularly non stick ones!

...I do!
21 July 2021  |  Dean

From the fast eco delivery to the decorative addition to my bathroom, the softness on my bum, the easy flush and the sense of the full eco cycle.....I give a crap. Top marks!!

So spongey!!
02 July 2021  |  Helen

Great natural product that does the job..love these..use in the bathroom and kitchen

Improves even my tap water.
26 June 2021  |  Tracy

Makes my water so much nicer tasting...it's especially bad due to lack of rain. Happy with my choice...over a plastic jug and filters.

Happy with all three of my purchases...great service from Boobalou.

Deodorant in a tin
07 June 2021  |  Sandra

I gave up using spray deodorants several months ago and first tried a stick one in a cardboard tube. While it worked as a deodorant, I wasn't keen on the greasy stain it left on my clothes. I have been using this one for about a week so far and it works well and I don't get that greasy stain so I am very happy with this product.

Just what I needed!
19 May 2021  |  Francesca

This deodorant is fabulous! All the family is using it and it's really effective.
With Boobalou's selected eco-friendly products it's possible to contribute to a better world in an affordable way. I'm really satisfied with all the items I puchased. Boobalou highly recommended! And an excellent customer support.

Happy with them
12 May 2021  |  Patricia

Was unsure when purchased but thought give it a try and very pleased.

Toothpaste tablets
12 May 2021  |  Ann-Marie

It takes a while to get used to the idea, but gets easier after a few days and feels to do a good job. I have disliked toothpaste tubes for a long time and this solves that problem.

Have ordered again!
10 April 2021  |  Samantha

My partner treated me to a washing up gift set for christmas. Love eh! We exclusively wash at the sink and are a family of 3 and 4 at weekends. The loofah has lasted us 3 months and is now ready to be disposed of. My partner is a convert which is great, he loved a supermarket washing up sponge and would go through so many. I've now ordered more loofahs.

18 March 2021  |  Fleur

I was sent a sample amount the fig bar, its amazing.

I tried a soapnut shampoo bar and my hair was horribly sticky afterwards, once dry despite, avinegar rinse and water rinse.

My hair is soft, silky and no stickiness PLUS my psoron my head has cleared up massively after only 2 uses, this is why I bought the other shampoo bar.

It lathers up well and goes a long way.

Love it.

Thanks for the sample.

Brilliant stuff!
16 February 2021  |  Anastasia

The best laundry detergent I ever tried for the whites and smelly kitchen towels/rugs. Absolutely love it. Suitable for washing in the machine too.

Really really like it
12 October 2020  |  Roxana

Simply one of the nicest I tried so far

06 August 2020  |  Sanja

It has a gentle coconut scent and I would say it's even better than commercial deodorants as it dries very fast!

18 July 2020  |  Bridie

I can not even put into words how impressed I am with this product!
Roll on deodorants have always put me off by how sticky they are and the length of time they take to dry - but trying to become greener I decided to give this product a go - and I will never be going back to anything else
Easy to apply, instant dry and leaves me free of nasty smells all day, even after a hard workout! Definitely recommend to everyone!

27 June 2020  |  Ana-Maria

this product is the best I have found as a chemical free shampoo! It leaves the hair really clean, it smells amazing and it is foamy enough. It is one of my favorites! I thought it will be a bit of an inconvenience that it is solid, but I actually realised it is even less hassle that having the shampoo in a bottle.

Works better than other mainstream cleaning products.
25 June 2020  |  Graham

I bought my first reusable spray bottle (Ocean Saver Bottle For Life) and thought I would try the Kitchen Citrus Kelp Degreaser first. I was at first sceptical that it wouldn't be as good as those well known cleaners from the supermarket. How wrong I was ! Does the job on my splashback and hob with ease. Completely got rid of all the grease and left no streaks. No chemical smells etc.
I am now hooked and will be gradually getting the whole range.

Really good toothbrushes!
16 May 2020  |  Elizabete

We have been using these for at least 6 months (on the second set now) and really like them. It took a little adjusting to find the best holder. If put on a cup they get a little mouldy, but now that we have one of those toothbrush holders that go in the wall and the brush hangs from it and dries after use, we have seen no signs of mould. The medium ones are fine for us.

Works like a beauty to clean our gas BBQ!
16 May 2020  |  Elizabete

We bought a new gas BBQ and decided to give this brush a try to keep it clean. My husband says it works like a beauty - the hard part for tougher bits and the soft one for the rest. He is happy, and so am I cause he keeps the BBQ clean!

This stuff though!!
04 April 2020  |  Christina

As a mum of 8 with a weaning baby and a 2 year old that practically lives outside, I was looking for something that would be tough on stains and dirt but without harsh chemicals. Found it! I use this directly rubbed on stains on their clothing and also as a household cleaning spray. I grate a couple of tablespoons worth into a litre of warm water, when its dissolved I pour into spray bottles and its brilliant at cleaning everything. I love the smell too. And one bar goes a long way so cheaper than shop bought spray cleaners too. I highly recommend this product.

Easy to use & sturdy
20 February 2020  |  Debbie

This razor is phenomenal. It's my first safety razor and I was anxious it might be a nightmare to use. I found it pretty easy and so far I haven't had any incidents, even when using in delicate areas. Blades and razor are a solid 5 stars.

Great scrubber
29 December 2019  |  Sarah

Brilliant for getting the dishes clean, use with or without the handle.

05 November 2019  |  Mary

I came across this brand and Iím obsessed with it, itís amazing and even better cos itís plastic free compared to other types of gum on

Worked better than bleach and without the smell
04 November 2019  |  Cath

I have an old bath which is quite porous and it is soon affected by hair dye. I shallow filled the bath and sprinkled a small amount of powder in. Half an hour later it looked so much cleaner. Very impressed.

What a surprise
06 October 2019  |  Sofie

I was very sceptical about this product, so I tried it out on my worst load: my dogs blanket and my husbands socks. He works in the RAF and wears thick socks in heavy boots all day so you can imagine how they smell after a long day at work. When everything came out we were shocked. Everything smelled like clean laundry, as if we used a detergent. I even put my face in the socks to test and they smelled clean. We are definitely believers now

Great pad
02 October 2019  |  Marija

Highly recommend it!
It's worth every penny!

Great with handle but touch too small
15 September 2019  |  Millie

Great if used in conjunction with the handle, but if you want to use it on its own it is a touch too small to be easy to use.

15 September 2019  |  Millie

Perfect for thick smoothies

Great formula & intense colour
01 September 2019  |  Millie

This is my first non-drugstore mascara and I was naturally nervous it wouldn't work. I was pleasantly surprised. Packaging is superb, it looks so minimalist and elegant and most importantly the formula is great. The colour is intense and I don't feel the need to go back to drugstore mascaras.

Amazing product
01 September 2019  |  Millie

Fantastic find. I purchased red and the colour is vibrant and deep. One coat is enough, two will make it look almost gel-like. I love it! Product doesn't leak. No need to purchase a drug store brand ever again.

Superb even on face!
01 September 2019  |  Millie

I am trying to take better care of my skin by applying SPF alongside a face moisturiser every day. I was really worried to embark on this journey, knowing that I have a 100% chance of getting face breakouts using a drugstore SPF. Giving this is a natural alternative I decided to take the risk. I wasn't disappointed! I have been using it every single day on my face for almost a month now, and my skin agreed with it from day one. No breakouts! I use it together with a moisturiser. It is fragrance free and hydrating but you won't feel like you're wearing it. The packaging is also great. Over the moon I found such a great product from the get-go.

Fantastic quality - makes toilet bowl sparkle
01 September 2019  |  Millie

Used for both laundry and to clean toilet. We had a badly stained toilet bowl to clean upon moving into our new flat, and after trying many DYI solutions I was about to give up and purchase a chemical product. Instead, I gave this a go and it did the job brilliantly - literally. Also safe to use for laundry. Really happy! Will definitely purchase again.

Different, but still great!
29 August 2019  |  Paula

Does it foam as much as store-bought toothpaste? No. Is that really a problem? No. Whilst toothpaste tablets don't have the same foamy feeling that others do it's worth it. They're super minty and easy to use and do what they're made for. They leave my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

23 July 2019  |  Paula

Works like every other sponge cloth I've used before. Super absorbent and lasts a long time!

It really, really works
23 July 2019  |  Ana

I do have a need for a STRONG deodorant. And I read that before using natural ones, one had to detox first for a couple of weeks to eliminate any residual substances commercial deodorants have. Only then natural solutions work. So I did, and I still couldn't find something that worked. Then I read that coconut oil as a base was not a good solution because it stains. But this one has coconut oil, not a single stain. I only apply it once and I'm safe the whole day. It's the first deodorant that has worked for me. And it's even during summer that I tried it. Humid sunny days and I'm still fine and odorless. I'm really happy.

Great wash, no different from toothpaste result wise
10 July 2019  |  Ioana

Got these to cut plastic use
They are fabulous together with bamboo toothbrush
I used to get sensitive teeth but not more
I notice far less tartar building on bottom teeth since using these
I like using 2-3 not just one
Love them

I really like this.
18 June 2019  |  Ana

It works really well, see it on glass. Combined with the coconut fibre scrubs this is an amazing product. I use it as a multiuse cleaner, as it works on a stove, tough stains in the oven. I can't recommend this enough

Great for ceramic sinks
05 June 2019  |  Barbara

This is very effective at cleaning my ceramic sink - and non toxic as well. I do not have to use a large amount, just some on a soft cloth.

If no deodrant works for you, This SHOULD!!
13 February 2019  |  Abigail

I got this deodrant for my son and as long as he remembers to wash it off before re-applying it's amazing and he no longer smells.

For as long as I can remember I've had trouble with deodrant, and I also have eczema/dermititis so have to be careful with what I used, I have been using the Lavender tin and even though it's brilliant, I found that after a night asleep, when I awake I smell awful, I don't always wash it off the night before but I used this and I had no problem at all, I washed in the morning and I was still smelling good, Just need to use this in the HOT sunshine to see how it holds up, but if your like me and have problems with deodrants not working you HAVE to try this!! And for the price it lasts a long time. I just wish there was some of the others that I've seen on other sites included on this site, I notice it runs out of stock fast too, so grab it while you see it!!! BRILLIANT PRODUCT! Well worth the money!

First time buyer
27 January 2019  |  Sarah

First time buying washable panty liners, these are so pretty and well made. Very comfortable and they washed well. They come in fully recyclable packaging. I was so impressed that I bought another set.