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The Environmental Toothbrush - Medium
The Environmental Toothbrush - Medium
  (3 Reviews)

A bamboo toothbrush, with medium soft bristles. BPA free, Fair traded and vegan friendly.

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Model:  5372-1
Brand:  The Environmental Toothbrush

A bamboo toothbrush, with medium soft bristles. BPA free and Fair traded and vegan friendly.

The handle is made of MOSO bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber. Bamboo needs no pesticides or fertiliser to grow. It's a super fast growing grass that is more efficient at taking CO2 from the air and producing more O2 than trees. This bamboo is cultivated for between three to five years, and then harvested. It re-generates itself naturally, with minimal rain and without the need for harmful pesticides. In fact, by harvesting and using the bamboo, it helps to control unwanted spread into agricultural and natural forest areas. The bamboo is grown by many local farmers (NOT PLANTATION).

The bamboo is heat treated to carbonise the surface of the bamboo, giving it a quality finish and good service life. The carbonisation finishing process provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria and moulds) during normal use.

The bristles are made from a BPA FREE polymer resistant to microbial growth during normal use, to ensure safety and durability.

We recommend you rinse and dry your toothbrush after use to keep it clean.

Disposing of your toothbrush

For best results, most dentist's recommend you replace your toothbrush either monthly or at least every quarter some even say use it until it stops.

To answer the main question, HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? - We test drove a toothbrush for over 8 months so yes they last (not that we suggest you do that).

The handle can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost. The bristles are Nylon 6 and can be recycled (check with local authority)

Because the Environmental Toothbrush does not come in a variety of colours, you need to customise your toothbrush to differentiate yours from others in the household. We recommend writing your name in pencil on the handle, or being creative and decorating your toothbrush to suit your personality.

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Really good toothbrushes!
Saturday, 16 May 2020  | 

We have been using these for at least 6 months (on the second set now) and really like them. It took a little adjusting to find the best holder. If put on a cup they get a little mouldy, but now that we have one of those toothbrush holders that go in the wall and the brush hangs from it and dries after use, we have seen no signs of mould. The medium ones are fine for us.

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Brilliant toothbrushes
Tuesday, 12 March 2019  | 

I switched to these brushes from a regular electric toothbrush 5 months ago and I'm delighted with them.

I bought 5 but they last so well that I only had to get a fresh one out of the cupboard last week. I was concerned that they wouldn't clean as well as an electric toothbrush but I had my 6 monthly dental check up yesterday and the dentist said my brushing was "exemplary", which he's never said before and didn't know I'd switched brushes so these perform just as well, if not better, than electric toothbrushes.

My only piece of advice is to wet the handle under a tap before brushing, otherwise it drags on the corners of your mouth and makes them sore - this maybe just me though as I've not seen any other reviews mentioning this.

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The Environmental Toothbrush - Medium
Friday, 8 May 2015  | 

I ordered two of these toothbrushes and both myself and my partner really like them. They look so much better than your usual plastic brushes and they do the job really well, if not better. The brush feels much nicer in your mouth too. We just used a sharpie pen to customise our brushes so they don't get mixed up...he had great fun with this! I love the fact that once its reached the end of its life I can stick it in my compost bin. It doesn't get much better than that! I will be sticking with these for sure, I won't go back to horrible plastic!

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