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Wonderbag Large
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Wonderbag Large

Wonderbag is Perfect for picnics and camping during summer, it acts as both a slow cooker and a cool bag. This size will fit a short-handled pot sized between 6 - 10 Litres.

Beyond its convenience, the Wonderbag signifies a commitment to sustainability, offering a simple, portable solution for preparing delicious and planet-friendly meals.

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Model:  WB71
Brand:  Wonderbag

Introducing the Wonderbag: an award-winning, environmentally conscious slow cooker that slashes energy consumption by an impressive 70%.

Crafted with care in South Africa, this innovative device operates without batteries, plugs, or electricity, making it a sustainable choice for your kitchen.

Large: This size will fit a short-handled pot sized between 6 - 10 Litres. The internal base has a diameter of 34cm. Ideal for households with more than four people.

By harnessing its unique heat-retention design, the Wonderbag allows your food to cook safely and efficiently without constant supervision, contributing to energy savings and reduced emissions in your home.

Perfect for summer adventures, the Wonderbag doubles as a slow cooker and a cool bag, keeping your snacks and drinks chilled for hours during picnics and camping trips, enhancing your outdoor culinary experiences.

Here's how it works: Bring your meal to a boil, let it simmer for the required time (varies by recipe), then turn off the heat and transfer the pot to the Wonderbag. Leave it to cook for up to eight hours, resulting in delicious dishes with minimal energy consumption.

Make the conscious choice for sustainability and efficiency by opting for the Wonderbag—an eco-friendly cooking solution that aligns with your values and makes a positive impact on the world.

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