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Safety Razor - Handmade in the UK
Safety Razor - Handmade in the UK

A chrome double edged safety razor, handmade in the UK. Includes 5 blades and is an ideal razor for beginners 

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Brand:  Norse
Type:  Shaving

A double edged safety razor, handmade in the UK. 

This beautiful chrome reusable safety razor is handcrafted from Bristh steel right here in the UK! This razor will have a very low carbon footprint and it also reduces plastic pollution from your daily shave. Includes 5 blades and is an ideal razor for beginners.

How to use:

Unscrew the head of the razor and insert a blade

Warm the blade in hot water, apply a good shaving soap to your body

Hold the razor to your face/body at an angle of between 30 to 45 degrees

Allow the weight of the razor to 'power' the shaving, using short strokes in the direction of hair growth (do not try to pull the razor)

When the razor blade becomes blunt it will 'hang' on the stubble, rotate the razor or change the blade.

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