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Retap Extra Lid
Retap Extra LidRetap Extra LidRetap Extra Lid
Retap Extra LidRetap Extra LidRetap Extra Lid
Retap Extra Lid

Extra lid for your Retap Bottle

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Model:  14905
Brand:  Retap

When the Retap bottles were developed the design of the bottle was certainly near the top of the list. One of the priorities for the founders was that the bottle was practical and funky - and the brightly coloured lids they developed help add a real 'fashion' edge.

When you buy a bottle it comes with a lid, but you can also buy extra lids so that you can mix and match depending on your mood or what you are wearing! All three bottles use the same lid too.

The lid is made from a very tactile BPA free plastic/rubber blend which is removed using a 'twist and pull' action. When replacing the lid make sure you push it down until you hear the click - meaning the lid is on tightly and shouldn't leak.

Designed in Denmark and made in Europe.

The bottle is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, but we would recommend hand washing the lid.

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