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HydroPure Sink Filter
HydroPure Sink Filter

HydroPure Sink Filter – A water filter that is designed to attach under the sink and filters tap water with a coconut, activated carbon and ceramic cartridge.

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Brand:  La droguerie écologique

  • Discreet design
  • Replaceable cartridges
  • Cartridge made of coconut, carbon and ceramic
  • Filters lead, copper, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, organochlorines and drug residues

A discreet water filter for the sink which uses coconut activate carbon and ceramic to get rid of all the nasties from your tap water. It’s even been specially designed to not release any of those toxins as time goes on. It’s been refined over the years to make it as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. Every filter comes with a cartridge that can last up to six months before needing a replacement. It forces the water through a dense microstructure of activated carbon giving you the most pure, high quality water possible. This strong microstructure makes it 4-5 times more efficient than normal activated carbon filters. Not only does it work to filter lead, copper, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, organochlorines and drug residues from your water, it even works to make the water better tasting and more pleasant to drink. Better for your body and your taste buds!


This filter is specifically designed for cold water and can’t be used for hot water. When swapping cartridges, the cartridge case should be cleaned with a non-chlorinated product before adding the new cartridge without touching it with your fingers. Before first use, 5-10 litres of water should come through to remove all coconut or carbon traces.

Note: Cartridge might need to be replaced sooner if you start to notice a significant decrease in water flow. This is because in some waters there can be a larger number of fine particles that can make it slightly more difficult for the filter to work.

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