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Charcoal Water Filter and Coil
Charcoal Water Filter and Coil

Black + Blum Charcoal Water Filter - A 100% natural water filter that can be added to a water bottle or glass to purify and improve the quality & taste.

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Model:  EGS001-1C
Brand:  Black+Blum

  • Sustainable
  • Natural
  • Recyclable

Black + Blum’s Charcoal Water filter is a brilliant way to improve the taste and quality of everyday tap water. The charcoal removes contaminants in the water while releasing minerals like Iron, Calcium and Magnesium which are great for your health. Without the contaminants the water also tastes better - two birds with one stone. Even if you use it every single day it can last three months which can be further increased by boiling it in water for ten minutes and leaving it to dry in the sunlight. Once you have finished with it, the charcoal can go on to be added to house plant soil to enrich it or used to deodorise and dehumidify the air.

The addition of the coil makes it great to add to water bottles. The coil helps lock the filter into place inside the bottle as the coil bends to accommodate the shape of the bottle. This allows you to easily take it out and about with you without the charcoal rattling or bumping inside the bottle.

The company is UK based so less of a carbon footprint is left during the transport stage. There is some plastic foiled pack, if you would like a zero waste version please choose the ecoLiving bamboo charcoal filters. 

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