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89% Recycled Trash Bags
 Size: 13 GallonsSize: 30 Gallons 
89% Recycled Trash Bags

89% Recycled Trash Bags - Trash bags made from 89% recycled polyethylene plastic that come in two different sizes, 13 gallon and 30 gallon.

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Model:  90188
Brand:  If You Care

These trash bags are made using recycled polyethylene to provide an eco-friendly alternative to normal plastic trash bags while still maintaining the same level of strength and durability.

  • 89% Recycled
  • SCS certified

“If You Care’s” trash bags are a minimum of 89% recycled which means they have the highest percentage of recycled materials of any trash bags on the market. This recycled plastic greatly reduces carbon dioxide emissions and petroleum consumption while also reducing the amount of plastic building up in landfills. Using just 1kg of recycled polyethylene you are able to lower carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5kg, and 2kg of crude oil is saved. Since they’re made from polyethylene there still strong and durable and won’t split during use making them functional and eco friendly! You can buy them in two different sizes, 30 gallon and 13 gallon, depending on how big your bin is. The 30 gallon pack has 10 bags while the 13 gallon bag has 12.

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