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About Us

Hello! I'm Jo, a work at home mum to two little boys. We live in Ashford, Surrey but I grow up in Essex.

I started Boobalou in 2014 through my love of all things reusable. I believe small personal choices can have a positive impact on our environment. In England alone we generate about 177 million tonnes of waste every year. If you can reduce the amount of waste you create this will have a positive impact on our environment and our future. We all need to make the right choice, people power can make a big difference.

Boobalou offers reusable replacements to disposable household products.
I hope my store will offer you a chance to ditch a disposable product or become completely zero waste.


I also offer a free reusable nappy hire service for anyone living in Surrey or local parents in Middlesex. Please contact me if you would like to hire some reusable nappies for free.