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WUKA Period Pants - Heavy Flow
WUKA Period Pants - Heavy FlowWUKA Period Pants - Heavy FlowWUKA Period Pants - Heavy FlowWUKA Period Pants - Heavy FlowWUKA Period Pants - Heavy Flow
WUKA Period Pants - Heavy Flow
  (2 Reviews)

The WUKA Heavy period pants allow you to no longer need tampons and pads, they are a reusable menstrual product that allows you to save money, as well as ensure you are remaining zero waste. Reusable washable period pants you can wear for up to 8 hours on light days or 4-6 hours on your heavy days or all night. It is reliable as it holds at least 20ml of period flow or light leaks - around 4 tampons worth.

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Model:  W-HEV-4
Brand:  WUKA


The WUKA Heavy allows you to no longer need tampons and pads. You can wear it up to 8 hours on light days or 4-6 hours on your heavy days or all night. It is reliable as it holds at least 20ml of period flow or light leaks - around 4 tampons worth. Luxurious, 3.5x softer than cotton, yet still CO2 neutral, Lenzing® MicroModal fabric is combined with superabsorbent hi-tech fabric and a breathable moisture barrier. WUKA’s customers have even run marathons in a heatwave and reported fantastic results, allowing them to concentrate on their running and not get slowed down by their period. The WUKA Heavy allows you to support the environment and reduce waste without having to compromise on reliability and comfort.

• Eco-friendly
• Zero waste
• CO2 neutral fabric
• Suitable for heavy days or overnight use
• Leak-proof and breathable
• Wear for up to 8 hours

• Can hold at least 20ml of blood - around 4 tampons worth

• Machine washable

LENZING MicroModal is a unique fabric that is soft, luxurious and breathable, yet sustainable and responsibly produced. LENZING MicroModal absorbs more liquid at a faster rate than cotton and up to 95% of the chemicals used in the production of LENZING MicroModal are recycled and reused again. LENZING MicroModal is extremely resistant to shrinking and colour fading so you can wash your WUKA in temperatures of up to 40°. The strong fibres are high-absorbing and have antibacterial properties which is why they work perfectly in this product.

Size 6 = XXS, Size 8 = XS, Size 10 = S, Size 12 = M, Size 14 =L, Size 14 = XL and Size 18 = XXL

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Love my WUKA PP's
19 September 2019  | 

These, along side the cup have changed how I deal with a heavy monthly cycle. I feel so much better that I am also helping the environment after many years of excessive use of tampons and pads together. But they are a backup for any cup issues. I personally couldn't use them on there own. I wish I'd found these and the cup sooner. I hope your stocking more soon as I need to buy a couple more pairs! They are comfortable and wash well but they do take a few days to dry naturally. Only wish you would sell them in packs with a little discount for the more you buy.

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Worth a try.....
26 May 2019  | 

Size wise these are a little snug but i would be worried to go up a size as if they were baggy it would make them open to leaks. I think these are great for medium to light flow days where you are not likely to need to change them for a good few hours. They say heavy but personally i did not find they hold as much as they say and are not practical to change while out if you suddenly have a gush and can feel a little damp. I would buy a couple more pairs for middle to end of period but not for the first few days. My biggest problem with these is they cannot go in the dryer and take forever to dry! Its been so hot here in the uk this week with my conservatory getting to insane temps as its all glass. These took a day and half to air dry! Not practical unless you can invest in a lot of pairs for rotation and i can only imagine in cooler weather where its not cold enough for radiators them taking days to dry. A great idea for those days where a pad would usually last you a good few hours and thats about how long you will be out but heavy not for me and leave a lot of dry time!

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The sizes are generous and fabrics soft and stretchy, opt for the smaller size if you are between sizes. Machine wash at 40° and line dry. Rinse after use. For quick drying results, give it an extra spin. No tumble drying, no fabric softener.

How long does a pair of WUKA last?
One pair of WUKA pants can withstand up to 20-30 washes before becoming less absorbent. So if you wear each pair one or two times during your period, they will last about 2 years. LENZING MicroModal is also certified compostable and biodegradable, so when you decide that you are ready to dispose of your WUKA, you can put it in the rubbish bin knowing it will naturally decompose.
If you are able to go a step further, WUKA recommend cutting out the absorbing pads and disposing of those in the bin. The rest of the WUKA pants can be put in a compost bin.

How does it work:

WUKA is made up of 4 layers of fabric:
The inner and outer fabrics are made of soft, breathable, moisture wicking and luxurious Lenzing ® MicroModal fabric.
Central layers include an absorbent layer that is uniquely used in our underwear that absorbs blood effectively.
WUKA Heavy has anti-bacterial properties and can hold at least 20 ml (4 tampons worth) of blood, which is more than any other product available today.
WUKA Light can hold 5-7ml of blood (1 tampon worth). Please pre-wash before use, it can take around 5 washes to reach their full absorbency. 
Leak proof layer: This is the layer that prevent the blood from passing through the underwear but allows airflow so is breathable and prevents sweating and ensures you remain comfortable.
WUKA’s core ethos is to be responsible and loving to the environment of the world we live in. We want to be the most sustainable and eco-friendly business they can be, so they are committed to sourcing materials in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way. By using LENZING MicroModal, WUKA are lowering their fossil fuel consumption too, much less than organic cotton.