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Soft Facial Brush
Soft Facial Brush

Plastic free soft facebrush. Made from locally grown beech wood and pure natural soft goats hair.

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Model:  5903
Brand:  ecoLiving

Facial Brush. Delight your body with a brush massage - either as dry massage or in a warm bath. A reviving feeling for body and mind - sheer wellness. A soft massage to encouraging blood flow.

Plastic free brush. Made from locally grown beech wood and pure natural soft goats hair. Please note the bristles are very soft and not for tough exfoliating.

All materials are of the highest quality. Responsibly made in Germany. Measuring - 128 x 42 mm. 

In order for you to enjoy your hair brush for a long time to come, we recommend that you clean it and care for it regularly. First of all, free your brush from loose hair. After that, the brush should be washed in lukewarm water to which a touch of shampoo/shampoo bar can be added. To this end, dip only the bristles in water and move the brush back and forth. Please take care to ensure that the brush body does not get too wet. After this, rinse the brush well in clear water and then place it on a cloth, for example, for drying. The bristles should point down during the drying process. Never leave a brush to dry near a radiator - normal room temperature is ideal.

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