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Oriculi - Reusable Bamboo Ear Bud
Oriculi - Reusable Bamboo Ear Bud

Reusable bamboo ear bud

Replaces hundreds of cotton buds!

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Model:  Oriculi
Brand:  Lamazuna
Type  Ears

This reusable ear bud replaces Q-tips for life! Reduces waste in the bathroom and saves money. Oriculi is an ingenious instrument which comes from Japan and China, where it is used by the population.

Use it once or twice a week, to remove earwax visible at the entrance of the ear. Do not go further! Earwax is an asset because it protects the eardrum, so keep it until it is unsightly.

You can use the Oriculi to clean the ears of children, but it must be handled by an adult, gently. With your finger, make a stopper that will prevent the instrument from reaching the eardrum in case of sudden movement of the child.

The coloured ball makes it possible to differentiate the Oriculi from each member of the family. Each order contains 1 Oriculi, if you order two or more we will be careful to select different colours, subject to availability.

Composition: bamboo
Length: 10 cm.

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