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Organic Vegetable Seeds
 Seeds: Giant Winter SpinachSeeds: Butternut Squash 
Organic Vegetable Seeds

A selection of Organic Vegetable Seeds. Grow your own fresh and healthy vegetables in your garden or greenhouse with these 100% Organic Seeds.

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Our range of Organic Vegetable Seeds will inspire you to start growing your own healthy and totally Organic produce, right there in your back garden. The seeds can be grown simply and are from reliable mother plants, ensuring that you have the best harvest possible. Made and packaged in France.

  • 100% Organic
  • Garden Vegetable Seeds
  • Easy to Grow and Harvest
  • Made in France

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Tomato Roma 

A highly productive variety, producing heavy crops of delicious red, plum-shaped fruits that are ideal for sauces and soups. The plants will need some support and are suitable for growing indoors or outside. Harvesting time will depend on sowing time and growing conditions.


Black Crim Tomato

The tomatoes are red-brown and round with a slightly sweet taste. This is a variety that is resistant to drought. Tomatoes are of the nightshade family, they like loose soil, fresh and enriched with compost.


Butternut Squash

For planting in containers and small gardens, Butternut Squash is an early maturing variety producing small fruits on a compact plant bushy plant. Ready to harvest when a light tan colour, it has a deep reddy orange flesh and good taste that store well if kept frost free.


Long Squash of Nice

The Cucurbita moschata 'Longue de Nice' has stems running over several meters, on which grow elongated fruits, which are up to 60 cm long. They are green first and then become orange in October.


Haricot Coco Rose Beans

The Pink Coco Bean is a variety of dwarf coco bean eaten at full development and before ageing starts. The shells are fairly long – 11 to 12 cm generally – and marbled yellow to red/violet when finished growing. The beans (on average 4 to 6 per shell) are pink with light red markings.


Haricot Fine Beans 

Haricots Vert is French for green beans and is a French variety of green beans. This is the most popular French filet bean, producing slender yet flavourful pods suitable for fresh use or cooked dishes. Like most beans, haricot verts require warm, sunny weather and can't tolerate a freeze. Pole varieties require a support for the vines to climb, while shorter bush types grow no more than 2 feet tall and require no supports. Sow haricot verts directly in the garden bed in early summer once frost danger passes and the soil temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.


Giant Winter Spinach

Giant Winter Spinach is a high-yielding spinach variety with dark green, glossy leaves and a great taste. Plant this spinach in the autumn and it will give you some of your first greens in the spring. Remarkably cold hardy, this spinach will make through all but the worst weather. In fact, it is one of the few plants that will keep growing in winter conditions, as opposed to just holding. It also keeps for a long time after reaching maturity, so you can pick when needed.


St. Victor Winter Leek 

This variety has purple leaves which hold through the winter. It is very hardy with a strong flavour. Ideal for autumn and winter crops. Sow in modules from mid March to May ready to plant out from June onwards. It is an ideal crop to follow from the early potatoes. Crops 30–45 weeks from sowing. A versatile vegetable which may be taken young as tasty salad leeks or matured to the traditional autumn vegetable.


Green Beef heart Cabbage

A great cabbage for sowing in summer for a continued harvest from winter into spring. Leaves packed with nutrients, this is a great crop for harvests when other greens are scarce. Sow in August in soil prepared with farmyard manure or a general fertiliser to get your cabbages off to a head-start as they grow strongly and healthily. As they grow in late summer and autumn be sure to water well and cover the cabbages with protective netting if pesky birds and cabbage white butterflies make an appearance. This cabbage is so versatile, harvest in winter if you want a compact cabbage with an established heart, or in early spring for looser leaves. Either way, Beef Heart Cabbage is nutritious and delicious.


Green Beans

French bean seeds come in two main varieties (Climbing French and Dwarf French) and are more commonly known as green beans. They are a brilliant addition to any veg garden, producing beautiful tasting string-less pods. For delicious pods in a variety of shapes and colours in as little as 8 weeks from sowing!