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OceanSaver Dishwasher EcoTabs
OceanSaver Dishwasher EcoTabs

OceanSaver Dishwasher EcoTabs - Plastic free dishwasher tablets made from eco-friendly materials and with zero waste.

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Model:  321184OCS
Brand:  OceanSaver

OceanSaver Dishwasher tablets work wonders at cutting through grease and mess on all your dishes, glasses and pans. They utilise 96% plant and mineral based ingredients without sacrificing any of the vital cleaning power of dishwasher tablets. There is no plastic wrapper or hidden microplastics to worry about so just pop one in your dishwasher for a superior clean every time. They even work in hard water and on low temperature or quick washes.

These new tablets are:

  • Zero Plastic Waste
  • An ultra-compacted and efficient tab
  • Come in a small compact box to ensure we save space in your cupboard EcoCert certified - a certification which means our tabs are actually eco!
  • Made up of 96% plant & mineral-based ingredients
  • Results on testing against one of the top dishwasher brands – we have the same cleaning efficacy, better rinsing power!
  • Come in a box of 30

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