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Lavinia Sandstone Foot FIle
Lavinia Sandstone Foot FIle

Sandstone Foot File - A natural sandstone foot file that smooths and softens skin on your foot.

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Brand:  Lavinia
Type:  Exfoliate

  • Sustainable
  • Plastic free
  • Natural
  • Zero waste
  • Handmade in Sweden 

Lavinia’s Foot File is made from sandstone and is brilliant for smoothing out cracked skin. It leaves the skin on your foot feeling soft, especially if you finish with oil or lotion. There’s two different sides, one fluted and the other smooth to perform different jobs. The fluted side is good for working on cracked and dry skin on your heels, while the smooth side is great at smoothing out the skin. As it’s made from sandstone which is very durable, it lasts a lifetime which saves you so much money. It doesn’t have the harsh chemicals or plastics of other files which makes it better for the environment and for you. It comes in a beautiful cork tray instead of in plastic packaging which makes it eco-friendly and nice to look at. The sandstone is able to be washed and scalded if you need to.

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