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Iron and Velvet Plastic-Free Cleaning Products
 Iron and Velvet Plastic-Free Cleaning ProductsIron and Velvet Plastic-Free Cleaning Products 
Iron and Velvet Plastic-Free Cleaning Products
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Iron and Velvet Plastic-free Cleaner Boxes - 5 plastic-free, refillable sachets of cleaners.

4 boxes to choose from - an antibacterial or non-antibacterial box or a mixture of both.

Simple to use - Reuse an empty spray bottle that you have at home, insert a sachet into your bottle, top-up with 500ml of water (or 250ml for the oven and floor cleaners) tighten the lid on your bottle, shake until dissolved and it’s ready to use! 

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Brand:  Iron and Velvet

5 x plastic-free cleaning product refills for use inside your home. Water-soluble sachets of all-purpose cleaners, oven cleaner, floor cleaner or glass cleaner that can be put into your own reusable spray bottle for all your cleaning needs. Iron and Velvet plastic-free cleaning products arrive in water-soluble sachets. Simply reuse a spray bottle, insert a sachet inside and add water. Save packaging waste and resources, these plastic-free cleaners have a low carbon footprint and work well in your bathroom and kitchen. 

Each box is packed in sustainable cardboard which is plastic-free and sustainable. These refillable cleaning products are made with sustainable ingredients based on plant extracts and pure essential oils and haven’t been tested on animals. Made in the UK. Each box contains 5 cleaning products. 

Plastic-free, Low waste, antibacterial or non-antibacterial. Sustainable, Plant-based, Natural, Reusable, UK base, Cruelty-free, FSC certified cardboard packaging.

5 x cleaning products per box. The boxes on offer are:

Cleaner box - 1 x antibacterial kitchen surface cleaner, 1 x antibacterial bathroom surface cleaner, 1 x non-antibacterial kitchen surface cleaner 1 x non-antibacterial bathroom surface cleaner and 1 x floor cleaner.

Antibac box - 1 x antibacterial kitchen surface cleaner, 1 x antibacterial bathroom surface cleaner, 1 x oven cleaner, 1 x glass & mirror cleaner and 1 x floor cleaner. 

Non-antibac box - 1 x non-antibacterial kitchen surface cleaner, 1 x non-antibacterial bathroom surface cleaner, 1 x oven cleaner, 1 x glass & mirror cleaner and 1 x floor cleaner.

Everyday antibac box - 2 x antibacterial bathroom surface cleaner, 2 x antibacterial kitchen surface cleaner, 1 x  floor cleaner

Iron and Velvet plastic-free cleaning products are water-soluble so you just need to add the sachets to 500ml (or 250ml for oven and floor cleaners) of lukewarm water and shake to get started. The sachets take a few minutes to fully dissolve with a bit of shaking. Using hot water they’ll dissolve quicker but you may find the cleaner is a little hazy, don’t worry, it will still work the same. Using cold water will take longer but again, it will work the same in the end.

By adding the sachets to your own reusable bottle you can keep on reusing the same bottle to reduce your waste and plastic usage. All the cleaners are made from naturally derived plant extracts and sustainably sourced palm-oil derived soap. An incredibly small percentage of non-toxic chemicals are used to stabilise the solution and create a safe pH for your home. The sachets are made and distributed here in the UK which means the carbon footprint produced in transport is small.

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I have no complaints.
08 April 2023  | 

I order the antibacterial set, not only it smells mellifluous, it cleans well. I will always buy cleaning products from Iron and Velvet.

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25 August 2020  | 

The idea is amazing!! I tested the kitchen cleaner and it works perfectly. A small amount of product will clean all the stains in my kitchen and the smell is nice (cannot use vinegar or my husband could leave the house immediately!). Definitely something to buy again.

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Kitchen antibac - A coconut and lime scented antibac cleaner for the kitchen. The anti-bac quality makes it able to easily penetrate tough dried on marks and greases to make your surfaces clean and shiny. You can use it on hobs, counters, tiles and cupboard doors to make it as multi-use as possible. The anti-bac quality is perfect for the kitchen since it can kill harmful bacteria on the surfaces, reducing your chances of getting food poisoning.

Bathroom antibac - A ylang-ylang scented anti-bac bathroom cleaner that leaves your bathroom sparkling and free from harmful bacteria. The anti-bac quality greatly increases the hygiene and cleanliness of your bathroom which is incredibly important.

Both anti-bac cleaners contain quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-14 (even numbered) -alkyldimethyl, chlorides

Bathroom surface - An orange and ginger surface cleaner which is great at cutting through limescale that builds up in the bathroom and removing watermarks.

Kitchen surface - A mango scented non-antibac cleaner that works on fats oils and greases that you typically find around the kitchen.


Floor cleaner - A sandalwood scented floor cleaner that is perfect for lifting dust, dirt or food stains from the floor, quickly and easily. It dries very quickly in order to leave no residue and therefore no slip hazard. The solution is very concentrated so only needs to be diluted in 250ml of water, unlike most the other cleaners. Like most cleaners can be used on all water-resistant and hard floors.

Oven Cleaner - A tough and powerful odourless oven cleaner, designed for burning through hard and fatty oven stains. It works quickly and efficiently for ease of use and is low odour and vapour to protect you from breathing in chemicals. It also needs less diluting that other cleaners, requiring only 250ml of water.

Glass & Mirror cleaner - An apple and mint scented glass cleaner that leaves your windows smear and streak free.