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Eco Traveller Gift Set
Eco Traveller Gift SetEco Traveller Gift SetEco Traveller Gift Set
Eco Traveller Gift SetEco Traveller Gift SetEco Traveller Gift Set
Eco Traveller Gift Set

A perfect combination of eco products for those like to to get away, be it near or far. Whether you love to camp, visit friends or family or travel further afield this plastic free set is ideal. Every product is biodegradable and plastic free, as well as being perfectly sized for any travel bag. Treat yourself, or someone you know loves to explore - this set makes leaving home that little bit better!

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100% Plant-Based Beech Wood Toothbrush (FSC 100%)100% Plant-Based Beech Wood Toothbrush (FSC 100%)
Handmade Travel Soap BarHandmade Travel Soap Bar
Handmade Vegan Shaving SoapHandmade Vegan Shaving Soap
ecoLiving Toothpaste TabletsecoLiving Toothpaste Tablets
Reusable Organic Bamboo SporkReusable Organic Bamboo Spork

Included in the Travel Gift Set:

100% Plant-Based Beech Wood Toothbrush - Made in Germany

A vegan wooden toothbrush made from sustainable and renewable resources. 100% plastic-free with a low carbon footprint and come in a recycled and compostable packaging. Beechwood toothbrushes made with plant-based bristles made from castor oil instead of plastic ones. 

Handmade Travel Soap Bar

A handmade travel soap in plastic-free, recycled packaging that can be composted after use. A multipurpose travel soap, ideal for hands, body, hair and light laundry. Great for trips away and camping. Specially made, eco-friendly travel soaps perfect for every eco-conscious household.

They’re incredibly versatile, being used not only as soaps but also as shampoos, conditioners, body wash and even for cleaning your laundry. This means they are perfect for holidays and camping as you have all your cleaning needs fulfilled in a small, travel size soap bar.

Handmade Vegan Shaving Soap

A handmade vegan shaving soap bar that comes in a compostable packaging made from plastic-free, recycled materials. It’s entirely palm oil free as well as free from SLS, GMO and Parabens. They’ve been made in the UK and are completely cruelty free. A soothing shaving soap that can be used to create a thick and luxurious lather perfect for shaving. The lather serves as a brilliant lubricant, helping your razors glide over the skin to keep your skin protected throughout the shaving process. Not only does it serve as a great lubricant, it also helps soothe your skin after shaving so it truly does assist you through the entire process.

Toothpaste Tablets

Made in the UK, plastic-free & vegan A great way to reduce waste in your bathroom routine. ecoLiving will plant a tree through Eden Reforestation Project for every product sold! Just chew then brush as usual. Available in Fluoride-Free or Fluoride. Refillable tin or Refill Compostable bag options. 1-2 month supply.

Reusable Organic Bamboo Spork

Certified Organic Bamboo Reusable Spork. Cross between a fork and a spoon this clever and zero waste alternative to plastic utensils. Mini size and perfect for travelling, at home, kids and adults lunch boxes. Made from very high quality organic bamboo it feels strong and looks elegant. With care can last for years. Fully biodegradable and compostable at the end of it's life.

Made from a single piece of organically grown bamboo, then hand shaped and finished. Bamboo is more durable than wood, is heat & stain resistant and is ideal for non-stick cookware.

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