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Blue Gingham Eye Relaxation Mask
Blue Gingham Eye Relaxation Mask

Blue Gingham Eye Relaxation Mask - Organic cotton relaxation mask that is great for soothing and rejuvenating. (20 cm x 8 cm)

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Model:  BV430

Our Eye Relaxation Mask is made from Organic Cotton and filled with 100% Organic Rapeseeds. The fresh and stylish Blue Gingham pattern is attractive and unisex, appealing to any gender. The mask can be either cooled or heated and then applied to your tired and puffy eyes, helping you to relax from your busy lifestyle and rejuvenate yourself. 

  • Health Promoting
  • Eyes look Soothed and Rested
  • Soothes Bags and Eye Puffiness
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Blue Gingham Pattern
  • Filled with 100% Organic Rapeseed
  • Manufactured in Western Europe

This Organic Rapeseed Relaxation Mask is the ideal accessory to offer you a relaxing moment in your busy day. The mask can be refrigerated or heated. The mask comes with a protective cover in organic cotton and is filled with 100% Organic Rapeseed, allowing you complete relaxation. Refrigerate your mask and it will gently soothe your eyes and give you a rested look. It also relieves headaches and soothes your temples, stimulates blood circulation, promotes sinus decongestion and promotes anti-puffiness for tired eyes. Once heated the mask effectively relieves dry eyes by thinning secretions contained in the meibomian glands, so it helps fight against blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids).


Instructions for use -

Cold Application: Refrigerate or freeze your mask for 30 mins. Apply to your eyes for around 10-20 mins.

Hot Application: Heat your relaxation mask for 1 minute in the microwave at 600 watts before application to your eyes.

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