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Bambooth Kids Bambino Toothbrush
Colour: Forest GreenColour: Aqua MarineColour: Sea BlueColour: Coral Pink
Bambooth Kids Bambino Toothbrush

Bambooth Kids Bambino Toothbrush - A childrens toothbrush made with eco-friendly materials like bamboo that can biodegrade once you're finished with it.

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Model:  BBT-AM1-KIDS
Brand:  Bambooth

A kids toothbrush that’s an eco-friendly plastic-free alternative using BPA-free nylon bristles and bamboo. The bamboo handle is completely vegan and makes the toothbrush anti bacterial, viral and fungal as well as making it biodegradable and sustainable. It even comes in a recyclable card packaging. 

  • Vegan
  • Recycled packaging
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Plastic-free
  • BPA-free
  • Anti bacterial, viral, and fungal
  • Oral health foundation approved
  • 10p per toothbrush is donated to conservation efforts

A special kids toothbrush that’s made with a bamboo handle and nylon bristles. They’re all made to be completely free from BPA and plastic which makes them biodegradable, sustainable and vegan! They’re the first bamboo toothbrushes to be acknowledged by the oral health association so they clean thoroughly between the teeth which is especially important for your little ones. Both the paint on the toothbrushes and the toothbrushes themselves are eco-friendly and biodegrade to avoid leaving any harmful materials in the environment. The bamboo also gives the toothbrushes anti bacterial, viral and fungal properties which makes it even better.

10p per bambooth sold is donated to conservation efforts promoting sustainability & habitat restoration. Each of the different colours supports a different charity - Forest Green (Jane Goodall Institute), Coral Pink (Coral Reef Alliance), Sea Blue (Plastic Oceans) and Aqua Marine (Marine Conservation Society).

Keep brushes dry while storing them and remove the bristles from the handle biodegrading in the compost.

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