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AppleCheeks Washable Nappy Cover Size 2
Design: MaroonedDesign: Fairy DustDesign: Llama NationDesign: Totally Narly
AppleCheeks Washable Nappy Cover Size 2

AppleCheeks Washable Nappy Cover Size 2 - Brightly coloured and fun nappies that can be reused to be as eco-friendly as possible. (suitable for 18-40lbs)

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Model:  AC-2-Marooned
Brand:  AppleCheeks


Waterproof and eco-friendly nappies that are completely zero-waste and reusable. It’s made to be as breathable and comfortable as possible. 

  • Waterproof
  • Reusable
  • Breathable
  • Zero waste
  • Size 2 fits 18-40lbs

A variety of fun and brightly coloured waterproof nappies. Since they’re made to be washable you can just keep reusing them over and over without producing any waste. Instead of being made from uncomfortable materials, the inside is made from a soft fleece to protect and support your baby’s delicate skin as much as possible. An extra inner layer can also be added if you need it between the fleece and your baby’s skin. The snug and gentle elastic band helps keep the nappy securely attached throughout the day no matter what your little one might get up to, without being uncomfortable or painful. One of the best parts is that there’s no hassle when it comes to adjusting the straps which makes it fantastic for a wide range of sizes without needing to buy a whole new nappy.

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