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Umbilical Cord Tie - Rainbow Pastel
Umbilical Cord Tie - Rainbow Pastel

Heartstring umbilical cord ties are a beautiful, comfortable, unique alternative to the bulky plastic clamps ordinarily used during birth.

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Model:  9041p
Brand:  Heartstring

A beautiful zero waste alternative to the traditional plastic hospital clamps for your babies cord. A unique way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

Handmade in the UK by Heartstring Umbilical Cord Ties. Made from 100% soft cotton. 100% safe and are simple to use. Full instructions for use are included.

What is a Cord Tie?
A cord tie is a plaited strand of cotton that can be used as an alternative to the traditional plastic clamps used in hospitals.

Is it safe?
Yes. Care of the Umbilical Cord' by the World Health Organisation 1999 found that there was no scientific reason why cord ties should not be used to tie off the umbilical cord. They concluded that they had no reservations about their use and that they are widely available.

They are easy to use and come with full instructions, hints and tips for use. Heartstrings provides a wide variety of designs to choose from and always happy to create bespoke designs, after all it is the first thing your baby will wear so why not make it extra special.

For hygiene reasons they are packed in a small plastic bag. As show in the photographs

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