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Swag Bread Storage Bag
 Swag Bread Storage BagSwag Bread Storage Bag 
Swag Bread Storage Bag

Swag Bread Storage Bag - A reusable, bread bag that can be used to carry and store loaves of bread. This multi-layered Bread Swag allows your bread to breathe and reduces sweating.

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Brand:  Swag

The Swag Bread Bag is a natural reusable bread bag which helps your bread stay fresh for longer. Order your fresh bread for the bakers without disposable plastic bags, handy for sliced bread and storing bread in a breathable non-toxic reusable bread bag.

The Swag Bread Storage Bag is made with 3 layers of natural sustainable cotton, with a drawstring closure. The cotton used is unseeded to make it non-allergenic as well as being non-toxic and unbleached. 

The Swag Reusable Bread Bag has a handy drawstring that is perfect for storage and transport of bread. By pulling the drawstrings tightly you can force out any excess air which helps keep the bread fresh. It can be used to store bread in the cupboards, fridge and even in the freezer! The bag has three layers which work together to allow the bread to breathe and reduce sweating while preventing the bread from drying out and going stale. It’s easy to clean and empty out so you aren’t left with stale crumbs at the bottom of the bag once you’ve finished your bread.

  • 100% Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Plastic Free
  • Zero-waste
  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenic
  • Unbleached
  • Compostable
  • Machine Washable

Dimensions - 29cm x H: 41cm Gusset: 8cm. The stitching and the fabric is plastic-free, there is one tiny care instruction label inside that is synthetic which is necessary for the care information.

The factory that produces The Swag is certified by SEDEX for Ethical Trading practices. Made in India where the cotton is grown, the production of The Swag is SEDEX certified ensuring a sustainable and ethical supply chain. SEDEX conducts ethical audits of the factory and the supply chain every year.

The Swag proudly supports Destiny Rescue, through every Swag sold. A proportion of profits goes to this charity who help rescue children enslaved in the sex trade around the world and also helps to keep children from entering the sex trade through various prevention programs. Destiny Rescue ensures justice for those who have been wronged and raises awareness of these important issues.

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