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Stoneground Organic Flour
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Stoneground Organic Flour

Stoneground Organic Flour – Wholemeal and white flour stoneground at a mill in the UK. (1kg)

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Natural and organic flour that is completely non-toxic and vegan with no added additives or unspecified enzymes. It comes in plastic-free packaging, using paper instead.

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Non-toxic
  • Vegan
  • Plastic free
  • Made in the UK

Lovingly made whole wheat and white flour that has been grown and ground in the UK. Instead of being made in a large factory, it has been milled traditionally at a home bakery. This allows it to stay as pure and free from harsh chemicals and ingredients as possible like enzymes or additives. Instead of using a high speed mill, it's ground at a low speed which adds to the nutrients as the flour isn't heated during the grinding to keep the flour alive and high quality. The flour comes in two different varieties, white and whole wheat. Since the white flour is 78% white, it’s slightly darker than regular flours but is just as good and delicious as conventional white flours. On the other hand, the whole wheat flour is entirely whole wheat and has no added gluten or other additives. There’s nothing hiding inside the bag other than the whole wheat grain! This specific variety of flour is the Paragon variety which is stronger and therefore richer in proteins and minerals than the softer varieties of flour. It's this quality which makes it so perfect for baking organic breads without needing to add gluten or anything else. 

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