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Cora Ball - Microfiber Catching Laundry Ball
Cora Ball - Microfiber Catching Laundry Ball

Cora Ball a microfiber catching laundry ball which reduces micro-plastic pollution. This easy-to-use laundry ball catches microfibers shedding off clothes in the washing machine. Pop it in your washing machine and wash your clothes., remove the fibres and use again. 

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Brand:  Cora Ball

 Cora Ball - Microfiber Catching Laundry BallCora Ball - Microfiber Catching Laundry Ball 

Did you know, every time you wash your clothes you are contributing to microplastic pollution?

Tiny plastic fibres shed from made-made clothing (and many 'natural fibres'), which go down the drains of our washing machines and into our waterways, then into the ocean. This causes a real problem with microplastic pollution in our ecosystem, causing harm to the animals living there and for us.

Cora Ball is a microfiber catching laundry ball, which protects the ocean environment, reducing micro-plastic pollution. This easy-to-use laundry ball catches microfibers shedding off our clothes in the washing machine. Made from recycled plastic that would otherwise be sent to landfill. 

How does Cora Ball work?

Pop it in your washing machine, it is that simple. The Cora Ball is safe to use in any washing machine, front loader, top loaders (with or without a centre spindle) you can just drop, or throw it into your washing machine and do your wash as usual. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Cora swooshes around in the laundry and just like coral, allows water to flow, while picking up those little pieces of microfiber and catching them in her stalks. After use, remove the fibres and put the fibres in the bin and reuse the ball over and over again. 

Please note - The Cora Ball works best with your everyday clothes. Please separate your delicates, knits, fine fabrics, anything with tassels, fraying threads or spaghetti straps. There is a chance that these clothes, fabrics, threads or straps work their way into the stalks and wrap, pull or worse, you can use a GuppyFriend for those types of clothing. If something, like a thin strap, does wrap in your stalks, carefully unwrap. Unless it was made of lace or extremely delicate fabric or had fraying threads, it will be fine.

Does Cora Ball work?

An independent test investigating the effectiveness of the Cora Ball out of Dr Chelsea Rochman’s lab at the University of Toronto showed the Cora Ball catches 26% of the microfibers from flowing down the drain. If 10% of households use a Cora Ball, we can keep the plastic equivalent of over 30 million water bottles from washing into our public waterways every year. That is enough water bottles to reach from New York City to London. Your use of a Cora Ball protects both air and water. The Cora ball’s design collects microfibers until you remove them and put them in the bin. That means they will not re-attach to clothing and fly off into the air – only to become run-off and end up in our public waterways.


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