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Minivivi ContiPad - Bamboo Velour
 Minivivi ContiPad - Bamboo VelourMinivivi ContiPad - Bamboo Velour 

Minivivi ContiPad - Bamboo Velour

One original 11" Minivivi ContiPad. For bladder weakness and leaks or heavy to very heavy menstruation. Topped with bamboo velour with an organic cotton/hemp core. Original holds up to 150ml once pre-washed. Lite holds up to 90ml once pre-washed.

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Brand:  Minivivi
Pad Type:  Heavy Pads

One 11" Minivivi ContiPad. Choose either the original 11" pad or the 11" Lite. Original pad holds up to 150ml and the Lite holds up to 90ml.

A specially designed pad for bladder weakness and leaks. The pad can also be used for heavy to very heavy menstruation, post-partum bleeding and other medical conditions.

Topped with bamboo velour. The core of this pad is organic cotton/hemp blend jersey, for the fast absorption and it has a hidden pul layer. This pad is backed with grey charcoal impregnated microfleece for smell reduction. They have a snap tab for arthritic hands to undo snaps easier, they're just under 3" between the legs, with two wing settings to suit different underwear.

This pad is approximately 11" in length and 2.75" at the gusset.
Original holds up to 150ml once pre-washed.
Lite holds up to 90ml once pre-washed.

Colourways will vary. Hand-dyed pad, each pad is unique.

Handmade in the UK.

Wash up to 60c. Minivivi recommend washing with a colour catcher as they are hand-dyed.

Once prewashed, to wear the pad, place the grey side down against your underwear with the longer end at the front. Then fold the wings round the gusset and snap together underneath. There are two size settings to suit different widths of gusset and you can adjust the position of the pad by sliding it forward or back once you have pulled up your underwear. If sitting or lying down for longer periods, you may prefer the longer end of the pad at the back. To remove the pad, reach under the gusset and unsnap the wings, there is a special tab to make this easier to do. You can then fold the pad and pop it in a wetbag/waterproof bag or container until ready to wash. Do not soak your pads as this may damage them or reduce their lifespan.

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