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CapaBunga Reusable Wine Caps - Designer Grey/Black
 CapaBunga Reusable Wine Caps - Designer Grey/BlackCapaBunga Reusable Wine Caps - Designer Grey/Black 

CapaBunga Reusable Wine Caps - Designer Grey/Black

Two CapaBunga reusable wine lids. Keep your wine fresh and gives old wine bottles a second life!

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Brand:  CapaBunga

CapaBunga, the reusable silicone wine lid, keeps your wine fresh, once opened. Make your open bottle of wine last longer - stop it with a CapaBunga!

When you're finished, give old wine bottles, and some beer bottles or cordial bottles a second life!

To reuse your bottle, simply refill with water, cordial, vinigrette, fresh juice or oil and pop a CapaBunga on top. CapaBunga's your uncle!

A clever reusable silicone wine cap which seals without spills - Bottles can be stacked sideways in the fridge without leaking.

Capabunga can be used on most standard wine bottles once open.

Two pack of lids. They are easy to use, washable and endlessly reusable!

Capabunga works best if you...
1. Completely remove the existing cap and cork
2. Reseal using the Capabunga, making sure to fully push down over the bottle neck.

The two lids come packaged in a recyclable plastic case.

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